Replacement of a damaged floor panel in 7 steps


Damage to the panel is a situation that can happen to any of us. Unfortunately, replacing one element with the traditional method means disassembling a significant part of the floor to the point of damage, and then reassembling it. Fortunately, a single panel can also be replaced in a much simpler way, which will save us a lot of time and nerves. How to do it? Check out our guide and instructional video. 


How to quickly and conveniently replace a single panel in seven steps:

1.Use a level and a pencil to mark the cut edges. Pay attention to the diagram we propose – such cut lines will allow you to easily remove the damaged panel, without affecting the rest of the floor.

2. Cut the panel along the marked lines. Remember not to cut it to the very end!

3. After cutting is complete, clean up any dust and chips that are formed. Thanks to this, they will not get under the surface of the panel during its removal.

4.Gently lever out the panel at the longest cut, and then remove each piece, starting with the largest ones.

5.Using a multitool type tool, cut off a part of the tongue near the lock from the new panel.

6.Apply wood glue to the edges of the panels surrounding the replacement area.

7.Install a new panel in place of the damaged one, pressing firmly its entire surface.


Step-by-step replacement of the panel – see our instructional video:



Things you will need:



multitool type device

wood glue

A valuable tip:

It is worth preparing for unexpected situations already when purchasing panels – then we should remember to leave at least a few of them “as spare ones”. Individual floor collections are often replaced by newer proposals, so after many years it can be difficult to find a panel that matches the pattern of the rest of our floor.